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High Concentration Slurry Disposal System

Being a technology-oriented company, Maxtic Environmental, makes sure that cutting-edge technology and optimal overall qualities of HCSD System should be maintained by means of expertly implementing global Quality-Management Program and complying with standard stipulated by the international industry. With the commitment to becoming a globally dependable company, the company has come up as a leading Manufacturer, Exporter, Importer, Trader, Supplier of higher-capacity HCSD System that features effectively conveying of slurry and efficient disposal of high concentration slurry.

On a path of succeeding the fulfillment of vision of Maxtic Environmental Pvt. Ltd., we have diversified ourselves to a technology which is widely accepted by the organization seeing their inability to store and convey the dry material and looking for an alternate technology. We also provide Material Conveying Systems with low power consumption.

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The features and benefits of HCSD System is simply endless. Following are the key feature & benefits.
  • Assuring of the control over conveying activity
  • Assuring of excellent transfer output
  • Guarantee for precise slurry conveying
  • Assuring of higher reliability in performance
  • It can convey coarse particle up to 25 mm under any circumstances up to longer distances. In other words with a particle size of up to 80 % of the outlet diameter can easily be conveyed.
  • Due to less no of moving parts, lesser maintenance is required.
  • Due to lesser stroke in comparison to other pump manufacturers, less wear and tear occurs.
  • Disposal of Slurry consisting a mixture of Fly and Coarse Ash in high concentration with water upto longer distance in Power Plants.
  • In Sewage Works.
  • Tunnel Construction
  • Mineral Oil extraction and processing.

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